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SPRING into maths is taking off!

Updated: Nov 23, 2018

SPRING has a nice ring to it – a new beginning, a leap into the air, moving forward… but what is Spring into Maths?

SPRING into Maths is an intervention that was developed by The Accent Learning Numeracy team out of the Accelerating Learning in Mathematics (ALIM) project. It is focused on accelerating the learning of students who have fallen behind in numeracy. SPRING provides a series of lessons that are planned by teachers but are delivered by Learning Assistants to groups of 4-6 students operating at the same Number Framework stage. The lessons are ‘over and above’ the classroom programme so noone misses out on their regular maths programme. 

SPRING is effective for a range of reasons. Lessons are designed to make maths fun and to develop confidence. Learning outcomes are clear and time is factored in to enable progress to be tracked through evaluation charts that provide a clear record of progress. Each lesson follows the same overall pattern, which students find reassuring. 

The benefits of SPRING are not just for students. It offers schools a systematic and resourced way of supporting at-risk students. Learning Assistants find it rewarding because they have a clear, planned, pathway to follow. One Deputy Principal recently reported

“The Teacher Aides are really enjoying having the structure of the SPRING maths. The teachers are supportive of the programme as well.”

As a literacy facilitator I am well resourced to support acceleration in reading and writing but I am aware teachers of numeracy do not fare so well. If your school is looking for an intervention to support students who are currently struggling in their understanding about number and you want to maximise the effectiveness of your Learning Assistant team then SPRING is very likely the solution you are looking for.