Primary ESOL

In 2010 there is a particular focus on implementing the New Zealand Curriculum (NZC)and to improve literacy and numeracy achievement in years 1-8 through the introduction of National StandardsSchools, leaders and teachers who participate in ESOL workshops, cluster meetings and in-depth professional development (PD) will develop knowledge and confidence about National Standards in relation to English language learners (ELLs). This will include schools that have only recently experienced ELLs in their schools, those that have small numbers of ELLs, as well as schools with larger numbers of ELLs.

Particular target groups are: 
  • ESOL-funded and ex-funded students from migrant and refugee backgrounds  
  • International fee-paying students.
The wider student groups who require English language support for learning across the curriculum include:
  • Pasifika students 
  • New Zealand-born students from linguistically diverse backgrounds, including students transitioning from kura kaupapa into English-medium.

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Jan Baynes (ESOL Primary and Literacy)


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