KiVa - International Anti-Bullying Programme

Still relatively new in New Zealand - KiVa is an internationally proven anti-bullying programme for schools. Recent research reports success here too.

The 2015 TIMSS report on bullying shows no improvement since 2011. In fact ijn 2011 New Zealand ranked 46th (of 50 countries) and in 2015 we ranked 45 out of 47 countries. There has been no improvement. 

We all agree that bullying has no place in New Zealand schools

However, bullying is a problem in New Zealand schools and ussolved it impacts on the health, wellbeing and academic achievement of our children. There is a definite link to youth suicide and unsolved bullying becomes a workplace issue.

It's not about admission or blame - it's about working as school and parent communities to reduce instances of bullying and the often heart-breaking consequences. 

KiVa was developed in Finland on commission to the Ministry of Education and Training. To date well over 90% of Finnish schools are KiVa schools and bullying incidents have been significantly reduced. After one year most students said their situation had improved. In addition there is evidence of an increase in students liking of school and the positive impact this has on their achievement.

Accent Learning is the exclusive New Zealand KiVa licence holder and all education staff have been trained as KiVa facilitators by Finnish researchers and programme developers.

Join the growing number of New Zealand and international schools who are fully addressing the issue and demonstrating that by becoming part of the KiVa network they are saying 'no' to bullying.

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