Yeak Laom Volcanic Lake

Perfect for a relaxing swim after sightseeing
Perfect for a relaxing swim after sightseeing
Prumny Say from Cambodia reports on a new tourist attraction in his country.                          

Around 700,000 years ago, a volcanic eruption resulted in the creation of this magnificent lake within the Ratanakiri's mountainous region of Cambodia. The Yeak Laom Volcanic Lake is located in Banlung district, Rotanakiri province, Cambodia.

This lake has a depth of 50 meters and diameter of 800 meters. It looks like a perfect circle. This beautiful volcanic lake in Cambodia is in the midst of dense tropical forest.

The lakeside docks are ideal places to relax with your family and friends. You can also take a relaxing dip to chill out. The area around the Yeak Laom Volcanic Lake in Cambodia is a popular picnic spot as well.People who live around this area are indigenous people called “Tampeun”.

There is a protected area that is 362 hectares manage by a community, they created committee with 5 groups such as security, parking guard, administration, handicraft and exhibition.There are certain things they are prohibited from doing such as gambling, using detergent in the lake, and arguments.

Legend explains the origins of the lake: There was a big monster who tried to poison the people. Then a strong man or a giant who watched over those people followed that big monster and killed it. After that, the strong man dug a well to drink water.

As this tourism area develops, it will help to reduce poverty among people around there.


Yeak Laom Volcanic Lake in Cambodia:

Yeak Laom Volcanic Lake from the air